Oil Burn, Greatest Threat to F1’s Green Policy

Formula 1 is very keen on the oil burn issue as it is now denting the sport’s green policy. Teams like Ferrari and Mercedes are known to have exploited oil burn to their advantage. Luckily, most F1 teams are conscious about the possible repercussions if something is not done and are calling for more oil regulations.

Red Bull’s Horner is now on the frontline in calling for more regulations and enforcement by the FIA even though their partners Renault engine have been linked to this menace. Among the major concerns Horner had is the turbo hybrid engines introduced by F1. Horner is worried that these engines are against the principles of eco-friendly hybrid formula as they burned more than 4kg of oil in every race.

McLaren, on the other hand, expressed the same sentiments and even questioned why the FIA gave F1 teams the leeway instead of getting tougher on the issue. The team director, Eric Boullier, acknowledged the FIA’s efforts but seemed to be piling more pressure on them to legislate and enforce tighter oil rules. In his opinion, however, the FIA has not been able to do much because, in the FIA regulations, there’s no clear definition of oil. Perhaps this is where F1 needs to start redeeming itself from the obvious implications of oil burn to the environment.

According to the FIA officials, they believe they are on the right track in solving the stalemate. Actually, the body announced that from next year, Formula 1 teams will only be allowed to burn not more than 0.6 litres for every 100 kilometres. Even though some stakeholders, including a section of the teams, feel the regulations on oil should have been tighter than this, at least it will set precedence for more strict rules that will see the F1 going fully green.

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